Mission / Vision

One of the Faculty of Arts and Science’s primary goals is to offer high quality undergraduate and graduate education in physical sciences, mathematics, social sciences and humanities to the students enrolled in our twelve academic departments as well as to all students at Boğaziçi University. As such, we strive to ensure that our academic programs are up-to-date and of superior quality. The education we provide is motivated by the aim of nurturing well-rounded individuals who are open to new and challenging ideas and embrace critical and analytical thinking. Another goal of our Faculty is to attract those students with the highest scores in the university entrance exam, provide them with the latest knowledge in their respective fields of study and enable them to supplement their knowledge of their subject area with various non-departmental elective courses. In addition to offering our standard undergraduate and graduate programs, we also provide students the opportunity to enroll in double major and minor programs. The primary goal of all academic programs within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is the pursuit, development and dissemination of knowledge.

In accordance with the aforementioned goals, we continue to prioritize employing outstanding academics in our departments and supporting them in their research and international collaborations.