Our Faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1959, offering bachelor's degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Western Languages and Literatures. Today the largest faculty of Boğaziçi University, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences comprises the departments of Chemistry, History, Linguistics, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Translation and Interpreting Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Turkish Language, and Western Languages and Literatures, as well as units coordinating courses in Turkish language and Humanities. Other than the Department of Sociology, all departments offer programs at bachelor, masters and doctoral level.

Additionally, the Faculty has a number of affiliated research centers—in the fields of archeometry, Asian Studies, language and psychology—which work in collaboration with the relevant departments. Certificate programs in copywriting, American studies, film studies and Japanese Studies as well as language courses in Ancient Greek, Chinese and Japanese are also offered by departments within the Faculty.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences follows an educational approach grounded in a belief in the integratedness of the university’s various academic units. The Faculty offers a wide array of courses to students enrolled in its programs as well as to students from other faculties. The mass courses offered by the Faculty are coordinated by various departments and coordination units. The compulsory Turkish courses taken by all students at the university are organized by the Turkish Courses Coordination Unit, while Humanities electives are offered by the Humanities Coordination Unit. The departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Physics and Chemistry coordinate the science electives for students of social and physical sciences. The mass courses offered by our Faculty can constitute up to 30 percent of the total minimum credit load required for graduation from the Faculty of Engineering and more than 50 percent of the total minimum credit load for certain departments within the Faculty of Education.

Departments within our Faculty admit the highest scoring students in all branches of the university entrance examination. In the first semester of the 2018-2019 academic year, 2604 undergraduate and 681 graduate students enrolled in our faculty.

Each semester, approximately 8,000 faculty students and 14,000 students from other faculties and schools register for departmental and mass courses within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The academic staff of the Faculty consists of 54 professors, 43 associate professors, 34 assistant professors, 22 lecturers (three of whom have applied roles), 89 research assistants and 93 part-time instructors.

In addition to offering the abovementioned range of courses, academic personnel in the Faculty also carry out research at the highest levels of excellence. As a result of research activities supported by various national and international funds, in 2018 our faculty members published 10 books, 52 book chapters, 414 scientific articles and 138 papers.