HUM Talks: An Introduction to Digital Humanities: Origins and Challenges


Humanities Coordination Unit is proud to present a second seminar as part of the HUM Talks. We will host Prof. Ben Alexander from Harvard University, with a lecture entitled "An Introduction to Digital Humanities: Origins and Challenges". 

The presentation will provide historical orientation to the rise of Digital Humanities through a fascination with archives and material history in the 1990s and its process through today into 21st century technologies. The diverse fields within Digital Humanities such as Forensics, Historiography and Analytics; as well as particular challenges that the field is facing today will be elaborated. Also, Prof. Alexander will introduce The American Century Project, a digital humanities project sponsored by Harvard University. As the project's director, he will discuss its place among contemporary scholarships of the field, while also arguing its intent as precedent for a global comparatives approach to historiography.

Prof. Ben Alexander is an expert in English and American literature. He formerly taught at UCLA, University of Sichuan, Queen's College and Stanford University. He mainly engages in digital humanities and digital memory research. Currently, he is a visiting scholar at Harvard University where he initiated two digital humanities projects: American Century Project and China Century Project. The American Century Project engages a globally comparative approach to American culture from 1880-1990 with an educational focus.